Aquaphor–Gold in a jar
September 12, 2012
Product Reviews

So I thought I would do this post now before it gets clumped into all of the other fall and winter posts.  After all, I did have my first pumpkin spice latte last week and whenever everything pumpkin is readily available to me is when I start my fall ;) If I haven’t mentioned it before, I pretty much go to bed looking like a greased pig.  Attractive right?  Yea, I’m sure my husband thinks so too.  Anyway, I just love, love, love a lot of moisture on my skin so any product that gives that to me is one that I cherish.  On my nightstand right now you will find a bottle of Bio Oil, a jar of coconut oil, a tub of Aquaphor and a bottle of lotion….and that isn’t even counting the actual anti-aging skincare in the bathroom.  Do I sometimes use all of these things at once in one big, strange, glorious mixture of oil???….Yes..I have issues.  I know this product may not be breaking news for some of you as it has been around forever but this is definitely a product that I think everyone should have before winter hits:

Now…if you purchase this product don’t open it up and go “why the heck did I just pay $8.50 for something that looks just like Vaseline??”  It is not just like Vaseline.  It has different properties.  Unlike Vaseline which is 100% petroleum oil….Aquaphor is only 41% petroleum… so it provides a thicker layer that doesn’t rub off as easily.  It also contains things like vitamin B5 and chamomile to soothe.    This stuff is not only necessary on my nightstand..but it is an absolute MUST HAVE in my kit.  There are just soooo many uses!!  I apply some to peoples chapped lips right when they sit down with me so that their lips are soft by the time I am done with the rest of their face.  You can tame the brows with it.  You can give the skin a dewy glow with it.  You can highlight the decolletage  with it.  You can quickly moisturize dry patches of skin on a clients face.  You can tame fly-aways with it. You can use it in wound care and on radiation burns.  And apparently people with babies are crazy about this stuff as it is recommended by physicians….  Gah!  So many uses!  The great thing about this product and the big reason why I am comfortable using it on myself and others is that unlike Vaseline which is pretty much 100% occlusive…this is only semi-occlusive…so it is still letting the skin breathe while it is healing it–Perfect.  It also doesn’t contain any irritating ingredients or antibiotics (like A&D) that could irritate the skin.  I have just been really, really pleased with how moisturized it is keeping my skin…as that is the best canvas for makeup application!  I am also secretly hoping that by slapping it on top of my anit-aging skincare a night I am forming a barrier and forcing it to work!!!! I luuurve you Aquaphor.