Reuse your fake eyelashes!
September 7, 2012
Product Reviews

I am constantly telling people what a great investment fake eyelashes are….because they can be used over and over and over!  It doesn’t matter if they are drugstore brand or MAC brand…they can withstand multiple uses!  The key to using them multiple times is knowing how to take care of them! So…what are the keys […]

Romantic pink and purple
September 5, 2012

I think MAC Haux  is my new favorite color….I have used it so much in the past couple of days in a variety of different ways and it just looks so stunning.  I think it is because it is a great in between color….it is not too pink, not too purple and not too brown…it […]

Makeup Geek eyeshadow review
September 3, 2012
Product Reviews

In all honesty, I had this post all set up for Friday….well, I woke up at 5am Saturday (I had a wedding) and the first thought in my head was “I forgot to publish my blog last night”.  It wasn’t even like I was out doing something fun and forgot…I was at home watching Law […]

Make your own lipstick!
August 29, 2012

We all have our favorite go-to lipstick colors….but every so often I find myself wishing one of them had just a bit more pink….or was a tad bit more purple to suit the look I was going for.  The other day I did this tutorial and wanted my nude to have a bit more rosiness…while […]

Burgundy Burlesque eyeshadow
August 27, 2012

This whole post has been building since Thursday morning when I was on Pinterest.  Roaming through the hair and beauty section for trends, I saw a picture of the most gorgeous burgundy eyeshadow.  Now, I know my MAC collections and I instantly knew it wasn’t one of them….In fact, that is a big area where […]

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