Drugstore Glitter!
August 13, 2012
Product Reviews

I am banning myself from the drugstore for a little while…I can’t keep myself under control when I’m in there and I need to get it together…seriously. In fact, after I photographed these colors to write this post, I ran to Walgreens because I realized I had run out of my quick dry topcoat…and then […]

Get yourself a blending sponge!
August 10, 2012
Product Reviews

So I’m sure you have all heard about the Beauty Blender sponge by now.  When it first came out it was being snatched up and given rave reviews left and right.  I have to admit…I was late to the game.  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe people (well maybe just a little bit was because […]

Pink shimmer and gray
August 6, 2012

I love, love, love pink and gray right now…maybe it’s because you can’t get away from the pastels and gray that are all over pinterest….or maybe its the kind of Deco quality that it has…I don’t know–but I’m hooked.  I often do a matte pink and gray eye…I also do a kind of white shimmer […]

Product Reviews

Oh my gosh I am in love…. and hooked on this stuff!  Let me introduce y’all to (the late)  Kevin Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer.  Here is what the Beauty Bar says about it: “As versatile as it is effective, The Sensual Skin Enhancer can be used as an all over foundation, a concealer and a […]

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