Carolina Bride-Get Fit Challenge
August 1, 2012

 I have the pleasure of being involved with a great contest currently running in Carolina Bride Magazine and it was just featured in this issue that recently hit the stands! The contest is called the “Get Fit Challenge” and it is following soon-to-be brides on their weight-loss and fitness adventures! I was very excited to […]

Winged liner with a Twist
July 30, 2012

The winged liner look is so fun…and versatile.  Lots of times when I am doing a super smokey eye look on myself, I like to add some winged liner to “extend” my eye and darken up the look a little more.  BUT I can also be super crazy about things lining up perfectly so I […]

Product Reviews

One of the biggest things I hear about as a makeup artist is pores….mostly in the form of a question about foundation like “will it sink into my pores?” or “will it make my pores stand out?” and then that is sometimes followed by “what is the best way to make my pores smaller?”—All legitimate […]


Color correcting is so easy to do on yourself once you understand it…and it is so worth learning! The Basics Green: Counteracts redness in the skin.  The perfect color corrector for people with rosacea or a lot of general redness in their skin.  Also works on any areas of localize redness such as acne. Lilac: […]

Wearable Purples-light eye look
July 23, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!!!  I have a great tutorial for you today that uses purples in a fabulous wearable way by mixing them with a little brown for softness.  I switched up my lashes for you today because these have been lingering around my kit not getting any love and they have an oh so pretty […]

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