This tutorial was inspired from an email I received  from a soon-to-be bride requesting a kind of 40’s/ “The Notebook”/Vintage look.  She is going to have a vintage inspired photoshoot soon and wanted to know what look I would recommend.  I showed her the picture below of makeup that I recently did and decided to […]

Sneak Peek-Alex’s Headshots :)
April 17, 2012

I got to spend this afternoon  at Christine Szeredy’s photography studio doing makeup for Alex’s headshots….I grabbed this picture off of Christine’s camera to share!  More to come later with a breakdown of her bronze and cranberry look…. Erin


Brushes, brushes, brushes! It’s so important to find the right ones that work for you to be able to apply great makeup. There are some brushes that others love that I pick up to try and they absolutely don’t work for me- they truly are your own personal style…just like your makeup brand preference:) My […]

Welcome to my beauty blog!!!
April 13, 2012

Hello! I am Erin and I am a beauty addict : ) ……..you can read more about me here. This blog will be a place to share my favorite products, tips and tricks, tutorials, beauty news and some of my work.  I am so excited to let the fun begin!!! Oh-if there is ever anything […]

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