I have only done the creepy Halloween looks thus far so I thought I should do a nice, simple, latex and blood-free look for all of you that aren’t into the Halloween gore!  I didn’t get them but I think that those fake vampire teeth would be all you would need to add on to […]

Ultimate bullet brush-Mac 219
October 22, 2012
Product Reviews

Even though waaaaaay back I did a post on the basic breakdown of my favorite brushes, I still get a lot of questions about what brushes I am referring to in my posts.   Last time, I posted about my must have MAC 215 brush….which is just fabulous.  Today, I want to introduce my favorite bullet […]

Zombie makeup tutorial
October 17, 2012

I have appropriately done this tutorial right after this season’s premier of “The Walking Dead” for all of you zombie lovers looking to transform yourself this Halloween!! While the transformation is no where near as epic as the amazing transformations done on the show..it will allow you to easily transform yourself to zombie perfection using […]

My makeup remover has to be fierce
October 15, 2012
Product Reviews

I don’t like my makeup to move during the day….but in order for it not to move, it has to be waterproof….or be very strong.    One day many years ago (maybe 10?)  I had a buildup of waterproof mascara on my eyes.  (BTW I don’t use waterproof mascara anymore unless I know I will […]

Day of the Dead halloween makeup
October 11, 2012

Another Halloween makeup post for y’all!  I had a totally different post planned for this week…but-Last Friday I sat down to do this really involved post involving lots of fake blood.  What I quickly realized is that the fake blood was going to have more contact with my skin than with the latex.  I had […]

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