Product Reviews

This is the second hair product post in two weeks….y’all are going to think something is wrong with me!  But I couldn’t resist sharing this product!  Previously, I had been using Sebastian Shaper hairspray..and I do love it.  I was literally about to check out with a new can of Sebastian (in Marshalls) when this hairspray caught my eye…and I am so glad that it did.  Here it is:

Oh my gosh am I so glad that I found this!  Obviously I want as much volume in my hair as humanly possible (really I am just making my thin head of hair look like a normal persons)…but I have always had such a hard time getting it because of the amount of hairspray that has to go into my extremely fine hair–my hair can’t hold that much product without looking greasy!  That is why I am so happy with this hairspray…just a VERY small amount and I have volume that lasts all day.  I got lucky finding it at Marshalls for $10 but it retails for around $15 online!