Contour your nose!
June 20, 2012

This is a super quick tutorial to show you how to contour your nose. I love  facial contouring because it adds dimension to the face helps to define the area…..especially in photos. There are many, many different methods of contouring and I will be showing more in the future!!  In the meantime, f you feel that you want to make your nose look smaller, longer or shorter-this is the tutorial for you!  Here is the before on the left and the after on the right where I made it appear slimmer and longer…:

I did one for ya in black and white just in case you have a hard time seeing the difference in color:

Prettttty cool huh? And this is light contouring!-I didn’t even use a true bronzer…..I used an eyeshadow about two shades darker than my skin tone. BTW-I would recommend using matte bronzers because you want the contouring on your nose to be subtle and natural….not like a shimmer explosion.  Ok so here is what you do.  First ,you have to remember what we talked about here in my post about quick facial contouring ….when you apply dark colors it makes those features recede…when you apply light colors or hightlights it brings those features forward.  So-I want two things: make my nose thinner and longer.

To make it thinner:

Pick up some bronzer  on a big fluffy brush.  Apply it down either side of the nose–the more you “shade” with your bronzer, the more those parts will recede.  Now take a highlight and place it allllll the way down the nose on the bridge–just be careful not to make the highlighter any wider than you want your nose to be—remember that highlighting something brings that part forward.

To make it longer:

When you place the bronzer along the sides, extend it up into the brow area on either side.–Also apply a highlight down the bridge and extend it all the way up to where the highest point of the brows is.

To shorten a long nose: 

Darken the tip of the nose.  You can make the nose thinner and shorter at the same time if you put bronzer along either side all the way down and then on the tip of the nose.

In each of these looks, don’t forget to blend a little-you don’t want to look like a zebra with stripes!!! Happy Contouring!!!


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