Day of the Dead halloween makeup
October 11, 2012

Another Halloween makeup post for y’all!  I had a totally different post planned for this week…but-Last Friday I sat down to do this really involved post involving lots of fake blood.  What I quickly realized is that the fake blood was going to have more contact with my skin than with the latex.  I had to work a wedding the next day and decided that it wasn’t the best time to greet clients with a blood stained face and hands…so I decided to do this one instead because I had already gotten the materials for it (Don’t worry, the gore post is soon to come!)  My sweet sister inspired this “Day of the Dead” makeup when I was brainstorming Halloween posts with her….  Here is the cake topper I got her for her Halloween wedding:

Cute right?  Anyway, there are sooooo many ways to do  “Day of the Dead”  or “Sugar Skull” makeup.  Type it into google and you will see it done in every way, shape and form.  That is exactly why this is a great makeup for Halloween…you can interpret the look and change things to suit you or do whatever you want!!!  I wanted my look to involve some pretty aspects so……….check it out and see what you think!

  Step 1:

Cover your face in white grease paint.  Set with powder.  Go around your entire eye with back grease paint.  I used a small brush for this and used the top of the brow and the bottom of my eye socket as an outline for the black paint. I realize it is a bit uneven in this picture…I had to go back and fix some.  It is really hard to make two perfectly matching circles!!  Anyway, it should look something like this:

Step 2:

The most involved part.  I wanted the eyes to have a nice ombre effect so we used two different colors.  Using your bullet brush, apply a purple shadow right outside of the black grease paint..all the way around.  Using a stiff fluffy, apply a pink shadow right outside of the purple shadow..all the way around.  I applied it with my stiff fluffy so I could kind of blend the purple into the pink as I went…that will create that ombre effect.  Blob out some eyelash glue.   Using tweezers, pick up different stones and apply them right outside of your pink line.  Use any sizes and any pattern you want!  I kept mine even on both sides by applying one stone on one side and then immediately doing the same to the other side.  It should look something like this:

Step 3:

Apply your mouth!  I used some black liner mixed with a little shadow and a super small liner brush.  I would have used my pencil liner but I couldn’t find my black (odd) so I improvised.  I applied the two lines coming out horizontally from my mouth first and then applied the up and down lines. I also shaded my cheekbone area with some gray shadow.  (but then I added more after this)  It should look something like this:

Step 4:

Using the same mixture, apply your spider web to your forehead.  I rushed this part a bit so forgive me :(  I also have a widow’s peak that is not centered in my forehead but that looks weird if things aren’t centered with it *sigh *  I had a couple of issues…But it still came out ok!  I would recommend drawing out your center line and then the two bottom “fan” lines and then fill in from there.  I did go in with a fluffy brush and blend out some of the lines …I wanted them to look more shaded than rigid. Apply black grease pain to your nose…there are a few different ways to do this depending on what kind of nose you want!   Apply more white grease paint to cover up your neck, chest and ears.  You could also go in and do some more shading on your cheekbones, your chin, your jawline AND if you are wearing something that shows your collar bone, shade either side of it to give a nice sunken illusion.  Your final product will look something like this:

and this:

Aaaaaaaaand there you have it!  Some fun “Day of the Dead” Halloween makeup for you.  A little something different for your halloween this year-and super cost effective!  I know I didn’t include a products used guide but really the only think I had to purchase was the package of stones.  I got them at Michaels for about $4 when I used one of those great 40% off coupons….and I had so many leftover stones (that I have big plans for!!).  Hope you enjoyed this look!