DIY Bronzer
June 4, 2012

So some girlfriends of mine from college will laugh when they see this because this DIY Bronzer was definitely a part of my going out “prep” in those days.   I really started making this concoction because the only tanners on the market at the time made you go from 0-60….there weren’t any of the gradual lotion tanners that there are now which provide you with a more natural glow that you can’t mess up.  BTW– I am a huge fan of Jergen’s Natural Glow as it is a safe way to get some color.  Anyway… I used to use this when A: I didn’t have time for self-tanner. B: I didn’t have any self-tanner on hand or C: I didn’t want “semi-permanent” color that could make me orange and just wanted a little bronze glow for the night.  I do realize that there are manufaturers that make products like this…this is just a (sometimes) cheaper alternative or an option when you find yourself in a bind!

Products Used:

Bio Oil, Vaseline Repairing Moisture Lotion, NYC Bronzer, Covergirl TruBlend Powder in “Natural Bronze”


So let me explain…I have two bronzers and two mixing mediums pictured.  You are only going to need one kind of lotion/oil and one kind of bronzer.  I put a picture of Bio Oil on here because it is what I use on my face to moisturize (a post about this coming later) so…you can replace that with whatever moisturizer you use on your face to create a facial bronzer.  The Vaseline lotion is my body to create a body bronzer, replace it with whatever lotion you use daily for your body.  You can either buy a loose powder bronzer like the Covergirl or you can buy a pressed powder bronzer like the NYC one and then you will have to scrape the powder off to mix with the lotion (you can see by all the dents in the bronzer that I have done this often).  As with regular powder bronzer that you would apply on your face…if you have fairer skin, get a lighter bronzer to use in this mixture.

Step 1:

If you are using a pressed powder bronzer like the NYC one above, use a knife to scrape some powder off….into a bowl or just into the palm of your hand.  Pictured below is a little bit I scraped off and put on the back of my hand just so it would show up better in pictures.

Step 2:

Mix in your mixing medium.  If you are wanting a liquid facial bronzer,  mix in your regular facial moisturizer.  If you are wanting a body bronzer, mix in your daily lotion.  You just have to play around with it to find the color you are looking for….if you find it is too dark, add in some more moisturizer.  Now go apply—The best part is that you can’t mess up because it will wash right off!!

****Disclaimer: Obviously this is very similar to applying makeup or powder bronzer to your body-it can transfer…If you are using it on your body, I would not recommend that white clothing come in direct contact with it…especially during the heat or you may have a mess on your hands.

BTW–If any of you are fans of NARS Body Glow which is like an oil bronzer….try mixing a bronzer with heavier shimmer with some coconut or grape seed oil—you will get a similar effect at a fraction of the cost.  Oh and the coconut oil will make you smell amazing!!!