e.l.f lashes
November 12, 2012
Product Reviews

There are soooo many types of lashes out there and you can find them at any price range….some luxury brands reach into the high double digits-crazy right?  For drugstore brands, I am a huge fan of both Andrea and Ardell lashes.  I think that they are a great product and they are super affordable for the occasional lash wearer….stop by CVS or Walgreens for the basics and go by your local Sally’s for the mega selection—you will find (most) any lash you would want.  Your local Walmart also has a brand called Salon Perfect–these are less expensive than both Ardell and Andrea but are of the same quality and are awesome.  However, the most discounted lashes I have found (in a store) have to be these:

I found these e.l.f lashes in Target and picked up two pairs to try….they were $1.00.  Now, the quality reminds me of some lashes that I have ordered from China to experiment with-not AS great as the Andrea or Ardell lashes.  But for being $1 lashes??-they aren’t bad!  Super light and looked nice on (I know I should have taken a picture-sorry )  The main difficulty in cheaper lashes is trying to get them to bend to fit your lashline…but if you just let the glue get super tacky and place one side securely down at a time-you shouldn’t have a problem.  So, if you are one of those that have just been thinking about trying lashes but don’t want to invest a ton-stop by your local Target and pick up a pair-they only offer two varieties but they are both pretty natural looking.