Fix your old nail polish!!!
August 22, 2012

I have been meaning to do this post for a long time…mainly because I desperately needed to do this to a few bottles I have stuffed in drawers!!  Nail polish can get expensive…just a bottle of Essie starts at $8…and then you move up to the double digits with stuff like Butter and Deborah Lippmann, FACE Stockholm, POP Beauty….Heck Tom Ford’s polish comes in at $30!  The point is….it is a big investment when halfway through the bottle your beloved polish turns into a gunky, thick mess and you can’t use it anymore.  Or so you thought. I learned this wonderful, glorious tip from my friend Lori who is a nail tech at Kanvas in Tallahassee, Fl (thanks Lori!)  Meet your new best friend who is going to save your favorite polish from the trash can:

I picked this bottle up at Sally’s today for less than $5….so less than the cost of most bottles of nail polish.  Here is what I was dealing with with one of my favorite Essie glitters:

As you can see…there wasn’t any polish on the left side because it was all gunked up inside!  I could even turn it upside down without anything coming out because it was soo globby-yuck.  So I added a few drops of the thinner and shook it around like a crazy person (you could also stick a headless Q-tip or toothpick in there to swirl it around a bit and then shake) aaaaaaand…..

Voila! Just like new!!!  This is such a money saver right? The best part is that the bottle of thinner will last you foreeeever…it takes so little to revive your nail polish.  Go get yourself a bottle to have on hand so you aren’t disappointed the next time you reach for “the perfect color” and find that it is half used and gunky!!! I have quite a few bottles of “splash of grenadine” stockpiled that I have to go bring back to life now….