Hard Candy Living Doll Blush Review
August 24, 2012

Strolling through Walmart the other day to pick up some Maybelline Gel Liner (the cheapest place to get it) I came across the Hard Candy Section.  Now if y’all remember-you used to find Hard Candy right next to Urban Decay in places like Sephora and Ulta.  I am not exactly sure what happened to the brand except for the fact that they re-branded it, changed the pricing and packaging and sent it over to Walmart stores.  There are actually quite a few things from the line that I want to try but this hot pink and gold swirled blush really caught my eye.  Here it is:

Lovely color isn’t it?  Here it is swatched in two different lights:

I wore this  yesterday and loved it!  What you can’t pick up that well from the photos is that it has a great sheen to it so you get a nice highlight on your cheek!  As I said, there are some other products in the line I can’t wait to try.  I worked with a wonderful client yesterday who had recently purchased one of their dual box blushes (they look like Benefit ones) so I can’ wait to try those as well!  Check them out…not bad for a $6 investment!