Holiday gift-DIY Scrub
December 10, 2012

Have y’all gotten all of your shopping done?…I am still seriously behind but I wanted to share this great gift idea for a DIY body scrub that was inspired by a reader who emailed me wanting a DIY beauty treatment that she could give as a gift!  These are so easy to make, are cost effective and have so many different options for different scents!  Here is what you need:

1.  Some Demerara Sugar

I picked mine up at Wal-Mart for about $4.  You can also use coarse salt if you choose!  I think you could make a gorgeous looking scrub with some pink Himalayan salt :)

2.  An Essential Oil

As you can see, I went with Eucalyptus.  I would not choose Eucalyptus for gift-giving unless someone just happens to be particularly fond of it. I just happened to have a bottle out because I am the wife that makes her husband sit in a steamy shower filled with eucalyptus when he is sick.  I care people, I care.  Anyway, go to your local health food store or GNC and you will find every scent you could possibly want.  I love scents like lavender and rose for scrubs.

3.   A Carrier Oil-(not pictured)

  You can use whatever oil you like– I wouldn’t hesitate to use olive oil, grape seed oil, almond oil…..any oil you love!  However, I used baby oil for this on just in case you were wondering.

Step 1:

Pour some of your sugar or salt into a little bell/mason/knox jar/any container you like.  I just prefer glass-classes things up a bit :)

Step 2:

Pour in some oil and a couple drops of essential oil.  Mix it up:

Step 3:

Repeat the process by adding in more salt/sugar and then more carrier oil/essential oil.  I can’t give exact measurements because a lot of it depends on your taste.  After the picture below, I went to test my scrub and decided to add more oil.  I like mine extra saturated because your oil will kind of settle at the bottom sometimes …and I like a lot of oil in general.

Now, once you have the right ratio (you really can’t go wrong here), package your scrub for gift giving!

Cute and gift-worthy right?  To get the cuteness, and the customization, I headed over to the DIY network’s website .  My friend  Kori Clark from Paper and Pigtails has created the cuuuutest customizable and printable gift tags for them this year!  After using them for my own gifts, I remembered that there were circle ones that would work perfectly for this!!!  All you have to do is type in what you want them to say and then print them off.  I cut my circle out and then glued it to the top of the jar…..and voila!-You have something customized and worthy of gift giving.   The custom printables really add some flare to this project…I even added a bow for some oomph because I was feeling particularly crafty and festive-lucky you. Something else that would really add to this gift is a little stirrer attached to the bow-Just a thought :)  Hope y’all find this useful this holiday season!!!