How to fill in your eyebrows
February 8, 2013

I have been meaning to do this post for awhile now..but a recent email from a reader  finally prompted me to move faster!!  I say it over and over…eyebrows are sooo important!  They  frame your face and accentuate your eyes and just darkening or “enhancing” them a little bit will make a huge difference.  Thinner brows tend to make you look older while fuller brows make you look younger.  If you are blessed with full, dark brows- consider yourself lucky!  For the rest of us, we need a little help giving our brows that little extra “oomph”.  If you have a nice shape, but just need them to be filled in a bit, I would use brow powder or eyeshadow like I do.  Put it on the end of a stiff brow brush and just fill in where needed!  For blondes-I generally go with the medium color in their hair.  –If you are super blonde, go with the darkest taupe you can get away with.  For brunettes and darker haired ladies–do not go as dark as your hair, use one or two shades lighter..otherwise they may come out too strong.  If you aren’t used to filling in your brows–you will look in the mirror and possibly shock yourself….You do not look like a crazy person!!  You are just not used to having your brows accentuated-even slightly.  Remember how we said they made a huge difference?-This is that difference! Embrace it!  Here is my before and after without brows filled in and then with:


Can you see the difference?  Everything is just soooo much more defined. If filling them in truly scares you-start with a lighter color and fill in just a bit.  I guarantee in a few short weeks you will be darkening them and filling them in more because of the definition it gives your face!!