JORD Watch
April 9, 2015

It’s heeeeeeere!!!  My new JORD wood watch!!  Have you ever seen a watch made out of wood?–I hadn’t either….which is why I think these are so unique!  Let me show you how it came to me because the packaging is beautiful:

j4Yes, your beautiful wood watch comes in a beautiful wood box!  Pretty right?  There are a ton of beautiful styles to choose from–I chose the “Sully” black and maple due to the fact that I am constantly wearing black in my job and thought that the darker face would go great with my existing wardrobe….I also just thought it was pretty snazzy looking in general..but you can check out the rest of the line below to see all of the other awesome colors and face shapes/styles:

Watches Made From 100% Natural Wood by JORD

So, here is the “Sully” and the rest of the awesome packaging–I just love the attention to detail.  Once it arrived it was all ready to go because they will size it for you before it is shipped!!  –SO convenient!


j2j8 j7 j6j5

So unique right?  I haven’t seen anything like them and I was really excited to introduce them to you guys and gals– especially you brides!  The first thing I thought about when I saw these was what a great best man gift or the perfect gift for you to give your husband if you choose to exchange gifts on your wedding day as many couples do now!  I always ask my brides if they plan to do that and what they have chosen and it is so hard for a lot of them to come up with something for the guy that has everything (or buys himself everything) –I guarantee you that man doesn’t have a wood watch.  The second thought I had (brilliant thought I might add), is what an AMAZING gift for a fifth (the wood)  anniversary!!! My husband and I are coming up on our fourth year of marriage and each year we have followed the traditional gifts ( I am actually a big sentimental sap and keep a running list of what we have given each other each year) and it is always so hard finding a gift to correspond to the year that is actually useful and isn’t just clutter for the house.  This is perfect for that wood anniversary! How do I know the men are going to love these?  Well…a little over months ago it was my husbands birthday.  And a little over two months ago I asked him repeatedly if he would like a watch for his birthday as the last one I got him in college he never wore…. *ahem*.  And a little over two months ago he repeatedly told me that he didn’t want a watch and would never wear it.  Guess who has been waiting for me to finish this blog post so he can wear the watch?  Guess who now has to order herself a new one?

So now for the exciting part…. JORD has generously decided to let us host a giveaway for all you readers!!!  All you have to do is click on this link to head on over to their site and enter.  The giveaway will end next Thursday so make sure to enter before then!!!  The prize is a gift certificate worth the same retail value ($139) of the “Sully” pictured above.  Should you win and decide you want a more expensive style, you can apply the gift certificate to that and pay the difference!  So you could have one of these babies in your hands in no time!