Make your own lipstick!
August 29, 2012

We all have our favorite go-to lipstick colors….but every so often I find myself wishing one of them had just a bit more pink….or was a tad bit more purple to suit the look I was going for.  The other day I did this tutorial and wanted my nude to have a bit more rosiness…while I didn’t mention it in the tutorial (because I knew then I would be doing this one 2 days later) I used this method I am about to show you to get my Julie Hewett Biba to have a slight burgundy color so it suited the look more.  You can do this with layering other lipsticks…but oftentimes people have more eyeshadows than they do lipsticks so this is a great way to expand your makeup collection without having to buy more colors! Here is what I started with, I swatched my Revlon Soft Nude lipstick down my arm:

Then I took a good selection of  pinks, rose golds, burgundy’s and purples to get a nice selection of new lip colors:

From top to bottom: MAC Plum Dressing, Makeup Geek Burlsesque, MAC Mythology, MAC Cranberry and MAC Girlie

I added a couple swipes of each shadow to each Revlon Soft Nude swatch….These are the new lip colors I produced from just my nude lipstick and some eyeshadows:

Nice right?  Now I have 5 new lipstick shades ranging from golds to pinks to purples to amped up nudes! If you don’t have the eyeshadow colors to do this but have a lot of blush then you can totally use your blush to create some amazing new colors too!  –This is also a great thing to do with loose pigments and gloss!  Hope you enjoyed!