Makeup Geek eyeshadow review
September 3, 2012
Product Reviews

In all honesty, I had this post all set up for Friday….well, I woke up at 5am Saturday (I had a wedding) and the first thought in my head was “I forgot to publish my blog last night”.  It wasn’t even like I was out doing something fun and forgot…I was at home watching Law and Order on Netflix with my pups (I live on the edge) so I have no excuses.  Anyway, I have switched up the days this week and will be doing a tutorial later in the week instead of today!  But..back to the post… if you read this tutorial earlier in the week, you know that I stumbled across this eyeshadow last week and just had to have it!!  Wellll..I had also ordered another one that was very similar and I wanted to share my thoughts on them!  Here are the two I ordered:

“Bitten” is on the left and “Burlesque” is on the right.  And the verdict is………

Purdy right?  “Bitten” has a lot more red in it and is pretty matte while “Burlesque” is a nice burgundy with some gold in it. I love them!  They are two really, really, really unique colors and they are a wonderful addition to my kit!  The pigmentation is awesome  and the  longevity  is great AND they fit in perfectly with my MAC pans (same size)!  There are several other colors on the website that are gorgeous….not nearly as many options as MAC but I think they will just continue adding to the line…at least I hope so!  The best part? -$5.99!!!  A great, great price for a well pigmented eyeshadow that fits perfectly in my palettes!  I will be buying more!  If you want to try one, head on over to the Makeup Geek Store!