My makeup remover has to be fierce
October 15, 2012
Product Reviews

I don’t like my makeup to move during the day….but in order for it not to move, it has to be waterproof….or be very strong.    One day many years ago (maybe 10?)  I had a buildup of waterproof mascara on my eyes.  (BTW I don’t use waterproof mascara anymore unless I know I will be crying, but that is another post). I also felt like I could never, ever get all of my liner, mascara and shadow off.  When I finally did, it was because I had used copious amounts of $12 per bottle eye makeup remover and rubbed my delicate eye skin until it was red and burning.  Sheesh-what was the expensive eye makeup remover for again???  It was at that point that I started using this:

That’s right guys…I don’t even spring for the fancy Johnson and Johnson stuff–I just use the Equate brand :)  Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without this stuff.  I am at a loss without it.  If I accidently forget it while traveling, I feel all icky using someones borrowed fancy, shmancy makeup remover because I can’t get all my makeup off!!  I don’t even know how people who use Maybelline’s gel liner (like I do) get it off without baby oil.  And those times when I have to wear waterproof mascara??  Forget it.  It would take me forever to get all of it off without this stuff!  It is the best for loosening eyelash glue residue.  Ditto for putting a bit on a brush to fix any liner or dark lipstick mistakes.  It cannot be replaced!  Now, I realize that some people are going to say “that’s not good for your eyes” or “you shouldn’t do that” or something to that effect.  I’m not saying it is what you should do or that it is 100% safe–I am just telling you what I do :). There are as many people out there advocating the use of baby oil as an eye makeup remover as there are people saying any oil based eye makeup removers are bad…including baby oil.  And it very well may not work for you–some people’s eyes are more sensitive than others or they are prone to milia from product buildup and oil is the last thing they need around their eyes.  It is all about what works for you!  All I know is that I would be lost without my baby oil.  It cleans everything off in two swipes instead of having to rub the sensitive skin around my eyes with a less oily makeup remover!  I am also a huge fan of paying $2 for my makeup remover that lasts foreeeeever rather than buying an expensive bottle that can’t do the job and disappears quickly!!