Product Reviews

I will admit it-I am not the best hair person.  Maybe it is because I wasn’t graced with long, full, flowing locks…so I never tried to do that much with it in terms of curling or a little updo here and there-but I am trying to do better!!!  Which is why I had to introduce you to my secret weapon in hair styling…..Pssssst Dry Shampoo.  I have to tell you that I have tried sooo many different dry shampoos…and I actually feel like the others make my hair feel more dirty and gunked up.  Somehow, Pssssst can soak up the oil without making it feel like I have a bunch of product gunked up in it.  If I don’t use this dry shampoo, it is hard for me to even go two days without washing my hair-and that is wearing it up on day two not down!!!  It’s not because it is super oily but because it is just so so so thin that it gets dirty so fast!  So, here it is:

This can is between 5-7 bucks depending on where you go and it is totally worth the small investment!  Not only do I use it to get second day hair, but it is also great to “dirty” your hair up a bit if it is just washed and you need some extra texture to style it!