Out the Door topcoat-review
September 17, 2012
Product Reviews

Just wanted to do a quick post today to introduce my wonderful topcoat that allows me to change my nail polish on a whim with little drying time!!  Seriously, before I had this topcoat I hated doing my nails….I would wait and wait and wait for my beloved Essie to dry and then an hour later I would accidentally hit a nail on something and it would be all smudged and all would be lost.  I dreaded having to do my nails because it was going to take so much time out of my day.  I just don’t know how people survive without a quick dry topcoat…it makes all the difference.  Now, there are many great quick dry topcoats out there (Orly makes another one that I love that is similar) but this happens to be my current favorite:

After I do my two coats of polish, I wait two minutes and  apply a generous coat of this to my nails.  I love it because if I accidentally apply too much you can never tell….it just dries perfectly.  I say this because some topcoats become all goopy, globby and look thick on your nail and then they make it take even longer for your polish to dry….Not the case with this one :)  Anyway..within just a couple of minutes my nails are safe to the (soft) touch and then they continue to dry soooo much faster than just using a plain topcoat.  I get mine at Sally Beauty Supply but I have also seen this at Walgreens.  It is around $6 a bottle (I am rounding up) but totally worth it to resume life faster!!!