Reuse your fake eyelashes!
September 7, 2012
Product Reviews

I am constantly telling people what a great investment fake eyelashes are….because they can be used over and over and over!  It doesn’t matter if they are drugstore brand or MAC brand…they can withstand multiple uses!  The key to using them multiple times is knowing how to take care of them!

So…what are the keys to reusing your lashes?

1.  Don’t use waterproof mascara!  —Obviously if it is your wedding are going to want to ignore this.  But for any other time, forego the use of waterproof mascara on your fake lashes.  It is too hard to get off and it really weighs them down.

2.  Carefully peel the glue off.  -When you are done with your lashes for the night, gently peel the glue off of the lashes. I do this by flipping them over so they are upside down and I hold on the the actual lash part and gently peel the glue off of the band.

3.  If you want an extra “clean” feeling you can dip a cotton swab in alcohol and wipe it along the band.  This also helps to loosen any excess glue.

4.  Store them in the little box they came in so you don’t find rogue lashes stuck to random household objects :)

IMHO, full band lashes are a lot easier to reuse than ones that are more spaced apart like the 110’s above.  It is just easier to pull the glue off without disturbing the actual shape of the lash.  If you find that mascara has clumped up, you can gently “pull” that off too…it should come off easily as long as you don’t use waterproof!  There is no “set” amount of times that you can use lashes…just use them until they lose their shape or start to look a little disheveled!