Revive your Mascara!
September 19, 2012
Product Reviews

Don’t you just hate spending mega-bucks on that mascara you can’t live without only to have it dry out halfway through???  There is a solution…and it is super easy. This is also great for your gel liner!!!   Here is what you need:

So basically only one ingredient–Visine….and then your dried up mascara.  Excuse the state that my Visine is in…I am not an avid Visine user so it has been kicked around a bit….Anyway-below is a picture of the current state of my mascara when I brushed some on the back of my hand:

Not the luxurious mascara I first purchased….So-Screw the cap off of your mascara, load a drop or two of Visine in (how much you need depends on how dried up it is…start with a little then add more as needed), then *Stir* NOT *Pump* your wand around to loosen up the mascara on the sides and mix it into the Visine.  Now look at it:

Ta-da!  Brand new mascara!!  Now, I do not know how or even if this affects the effectiveness of waterproof brands so I don’ use it on mascara that I use on clients…just my personal stash that doesn’t get used up fast enough….but I would think it would be fine.  The best part about using Visine instead of some of the other methods out there is that you know it is safe and good for your eyes!