Happy Monday to ya….hope y’all had a fabulous weekend!!!  A few posts ago, I made reference to something I call “the tape method” and I said that I would do a follow up showing how to do it.  Well…it is super easy and I probably just could have easily explained it using my words–but who doesn’t like pictures to go with?  This is simply going to show you another way to apply winged liner if you have a difficult time getting a “perfect” wing or if you don’t have steady hands.  A few considerations:  If you have sensitive skin, don’t put tape on it!  You can also do this by holding a business card or something with a hard edge up diagonally against your eye….I would have shown this instead of tape but it is a wee bit difficult to hold a business card up to your eye and photograph it at the same time :::only have so many hands:::.

Products Used:

Tape and Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in “Blackest Black”.  Not pictured: Thin eyeliner brush

Step 1:

Apply a piece of tape underneath the eye so that it is pointed towards the end of the brow.  If you want a less angled wing then angle it further down—it is up to you.  The placement of your tape is going to dictate the angle of your wing.  You may want to hold off applying your under eye concealer and foundation because the tape is going to take it off wherever it is placed.  Your piece of tape does not need to be this long-I was just showing it for effect.  Wherever you place it, make sure that it is pressed against your skin so that when you apply your liner none of it bleeds through.  It should look something like this:

Step 2:

Apply your gel liner to the upper lash line from the inner corner to the end of your eye….don’t worry if it is a little messy-we are just getting the base and will even it out later.  Now apply the “Wing” part by following the line  that the tape created…don’t worry about making a perfectly straight line-that is what the tape is for..it is going to make one for you.  It will look something like this:

Step 3:

Remove the tape.  Now “fill in your wing” –you can see how to do this by checking out step 5 of this tutorialApply your fake eyelashes, (I used Kiss Ever Pro #05 lashes) and go over any excess glue with gel liner.  Apply some mascara to blend your real lashes into your fake lashes.  Your final product will look something like this:

and this:

As I said, if your skin is a little sensitive for tape, use something with a flat edge like a business card to place your wing.  Using tape can also create a killer eye look…I will do a post on that soon!!!  Hope this helps if you have had a difficult time creating the perfect wing!


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  1. you have really pretty eyes!

  2. Styling Up-Thank you! Loving all the great information on your facebook page!!!

  3. Thank you C.C!!!! Some lashes and makeup always help haha :)

  4. What lashes are these please? They’re gorge!

  5. Hi Tara! I appreciate you asking-I am going to edit the blog to include this info :) These are actually Kiss Ever Pro #05–I picked them up at Walgreens in a pinch because they were out of my favorite Andrea #33’s but now I am in love with them as well!!!

  6. sooooooo nice~ I will try it!

  7. You are really pretty! I like idea, it’s actually quite simple! :)

  8. Not really into makeup( I’m a guy) But you are lovely and I enjoyed looking upon your pretty face!

  9. great tip, but the only difference is that i wouldnt use fake lashes, my eyelashes are long enough.


  11. Ingenious! You have stunning eyes! I do the tape trick to do a french mani on my nails! :)

  12. wow, I wish i had seen this sooner. This is a great idea. thanks for the great tips.

  13. freaking genius!!!

  14. What mascara do you use?!?

    1. Hi Gloria! You will find an array of mascara in my kit but my favorite drugstore brand is Maybelline Falsies!

  15. Beautiful!! Can I ask what eyeshadows you have on?

    1. Hi Gabrielle! I used MAC eyeshadows…”Malt” as an allover base up to the brow bone, “Brown Script” in the crease with a big fluffy, “Espresso” in the crease with a bullet brush and then any highlight color you choose on the brow and inner corner!

  16. This is awesome! Thansk erin :D

  17. It’s a good idea! Easy to learn. Thanks.

  18. Great concept! A true artist at work.

  19. Oh,clever!! It is easy to learn! Going to try this later:)

  20. Whoa! That’s brilliant! I always struggle every time I try to apply winged eyeliner because they either come out in different directions or the eyeliner comes on too thick or it ends up just weird looking… never thought to use tape! Definitely trying this!


    1. Thanks Rachel!!

  21. That is a very good idea. Cool.

  22. How did you manage to contour the tape borders so perfectly you cant even see that anymore.By the way great makeup tip.

    1. Samantha-
      Im glad you like the tip! Do you mean how did I get the tape so close to the eye and smooth it down? Sometimes I have to pick up the tape a few times and move it to get it smoothed and lined up evenly…but if I do both eyes at the same time then I can eye it out to make sure they are even. If this did not answer your question please let me know!!

  23. I do the winged eye liner all the time, but I never thought to use tape….great idea! and really pretty eyes http://www.PrettyEnergy.com

    1. Thank you LiyaBlue!

  24. This is a great idea! I am going to use this! Thank you for sharing this is awesome!

  25. Such a clever idea! Beautiful :) x

  26. OMG great easy way to do angle on the eye…been trying to perfect forever!! thank you so much!

  27. This is neat but I do something a bit different. I grab a sponge wedge and put some makeup remover on it and use the edge to form the liner into the shape you want. It’s also good when you want to get rid of fallen shadow and such.

    1. Great idea Joanna!!

  28. Amazing ,loved it ❤

  29. Thanks so much for this tip, the eye makeup looks lovely. Will definitely be giving this a try.x

    1. You are welcome Lynice!!

  30. I love this tip! It is so hard to perfect the winged look…


    1. Hi again Emily :) It is isn’t it!! It is so much easier this way…thank you for the sweet words!

  31. My my….,very simple indeed, by the way what kind of tape would your suggest for this purpose?


    1. Hi fashiomatic! Just plain old scotch tape!

  32. Hi, thank you for the great tip!! I just had a question, what color of eye shadows are you using???

    1. Hi Chris! I used all MAC Shadows-“Malt” as an allover base up to the brow bone, “Brown Script” in the crease with a big fluffy, “Espresso” in the crease with a bullet brush and then any highlight color you choose on the brow and inner corner!

  33. This is awesome!! For some reason I just can’t get the perfect winged eyeliner!!! Thanks this helps a lot!!

    1. Thank you Maggie! So glad it helps!!

  34. I’m a makeup artist and I do this cheat whenever I need to do perfect wings in imperfect circumstances like backstage. You can lightly press the tape onton a tissue before putting it on the skin to make it easier to remove.

    1. Hey Angela! Yes I totally agree-it is perfect for that!

  35. Hey Angela! Yes I totally agree-it is perfect for that!

  36. Gorgeous! What a freakin’ awesome idea!

  37. will this work with a pencil i have never used a gel liner

  38. hi, i was wondering is there is a trick to make sure the tape is even on both sides when you put it on? because knowing me i will put even that on unevenly!

  39. Why not just use a cat eyeliner stencil. So much easier and the tape just scares me. Already have enough fine lines around my eyes. Beth Bender Beauty has a great one. http://bethbenderbeauty.com/best-smoky-eyeliner-eyeshadow-kits/smokey-eye-cat-eye-liner-stencils.html

  40. i have been doing this for years. Ever since i was a kid. This was the way i learned how to put on my eyeliner to make it match and look good lol.

  41. I love this trick! I do somewhat of the same thing, but utilize an envelope because I do my foundation before my eye makeup. Love Maybelline Eye Studio eyeliner, too!

  42. Cool idea! I’ll have to give it a try. It looks lovely on you.

  43. Great :) thanks for sharing us