This is an exciting “how-to” that is going to make you say “why didn’t I ever do that before?”.  If you are like me….you have all different kinds of makeup stuffed in your bathroom drawers.  Sadly, not all of it has equal amounts of “face time” …so to speak.  Some of my favorite colors are loose pigments but I find myself rarely using them because they can just be so darn messy!!!  For this reason, I hardly ever apply them on clients because I spend most of my time on clean up duty or worried about spilling them on someone’s nice floor or not tapping enough off of my brush and having a lot of fallout under the eye.  So, if you are indeed like me, the picture below of the before and after will result in a big sigh of relief:

Ahhhhh…nice huh? Clean, durable, no mess…such a nice change.  Now on to how to do it.

Products Needed:

Step 1:

You are going to need an empty eyeshadow pan like the one pictured below.  You can find them over at Stars Makeup Haven…which is also where I get my empty palettes to put the pans in.

Step 2:

Take your loose shadow and dump it into a small container where you can mix it….You can use the lid of your loose shadow container or you can go ahead and put it in the empty palette to mix—whatever is easiest for you.  Now carefully pour some alcohol in to mix with the eyeshadow…start off slow, you can always add more later.  You can’t really mess this up-the more you add, the longer it takes to dry…that is the only consequence that awaits.  You just want it to be damp enough where you can stir it together, put it in the pan and smooth it out.  Use a Q-tip to stir it….if you take the cotton off of the end, you have the perfect thing to stir with that you are guaranteed to have at home.    Let it dry for about an hour (or until it is dry enough so that when you run your finger across it you get powder) and then lay a piece of tissue over it and stack some quarters on it to weigh or “press” it down.  Leave it overnight and you will have your pressed shadow!

You can also do this with any other powders such as blush or bronzer!  While you have these tools out, why not fix some broken shadows  or compacts using the same method?

Fixing Broken Compacts:

Step 1:

Locate all of those broken shadows and powders you have stuffed in your drawers!

Step 2:

Cover your broken compact with saran wrap.  Take the end of a spoon, or a stick or a makeup brush or whatever you have laying around and break up your compact into small pieces.  Carefully uncover it.  Soak up some alcohol with a Q-tip and “drip” it into your broken compact.  You may have to do this a few times to get it damp enough….you could also pour some into the alcohol cap and then pour it into your broken compact…a small amount at a time.

Step 3:

Take your Q-tip and mash/mix it all together until it is damp enough to press back into the pan and smooth out. You have now fixed your broken compact!

How easy is that?  If my compact only has a small “chip” or “crack” in it…I forgo breaking it all up and just dip a Q-tip in some alcohol and seal the crack or chip up.  -Easy as pie and it dries in a heartbeat. I hope y’all find this tutorial as useful as I have to bring your loose powders and broken compacts back to life!  Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest posts!