Ultimate bullet brush-Mac 219
October 22, 2012
Product Reviews

Even though waaaaaay back I did a post on the basic breakdown of my favorite brushes, I still get a lot of questions about what brushes I am referring to in my posts.   Last time, I posted about my must have MAC 215 brush….which is just fabulous.  Today, I want to introduce my favorite bullet brush out there….the MAC 219.  I invested in this brush after going through tons of different bullet brushes that just didn’t cut it…and I have used it ever since and ignored all of my others.  Here it is:

If you have read my blog, you know I am big on always applying shadow on the lower lash line.  I am also a big fan of utilizing the “Outer V”.  This is how I do it.  This brush has the precision to do it all.  Because the bristles are shorter and more dense than most other bullet brushes, you can pick up a lot of color and apply it evenly.  Also, because it is so tiny, I can get a nice sharp or rounded side without having to switch brushes.  So there you have it!  When I am referring to a “bullet brush” rest assured that this is the one I am using!  I would recommend stopping by your local MAC counter to try it out (see how the bristles look and feel)  before you buy it!