I have only done the creepy Halloween looks thus far so I thought I should do a nice, simple, latex and blood-free look for all of you that aren’t into the Halloween gore!  I didn’t get them but I think that those fake vampire teeth would be all you would need to add on to this look. Maybe if you wanted to add some neck bite marks??–Sorry, I had to slip some gore options in there somewhere!  Anyway-this truly is an easy, easy way to get a good vampy-esque look this Halloween without having to invest in anything too crazy!!!  I also get to introduce the tape trick to get a straight line with your shadow…


Apply concealer all over the eyelid, around the eye and underneath the eye.  Set with powder. Apply your primer.

Step 1:

Remember our tape trick for perfect winged liner?–This is how you do it to get perfect shadow!  Apply a piece of scotch tape diagonally starting underneath your lashline and aiming it at the end of your eyebrow.  Using a stiff brush, apply black eyeshadw (I used MAC’s “Carbon”) to the lid of the eye and out to your tape.  The reason this is such a fast eye look is because you can literally just slap these shadows on and go–you don’t have to do any shaping on the outer corner because you have the tape there doing it for you….  It should look something like this:

Step 2:

Using your stiff brush, apply some kind of reddish/burgundy shaddow where your black ends and up..stopping at the brow.  I used Makeupgeek’s “Bitten”-as I felt it was appropriate for the occasion :) It should look something like this:

Step 3:

Using a stiff brush, apply your highlight and blend, blend, blend.  Apply gel liner to the upper lash line.  Wing it out at the end-this will be exceptionally easy because all you do is follow the line of your tape!  Apply gel liner to the waterline.  I also took a bullet brush and applied some more “Bitten” to the inner corner.  It should look something like this:

Step 4:

Using a bullet brush, apply some more “Bitten” to your lower lash line .  Apply your false lashes.  Go over any excess glue with gel liner. Add some red blush (don’t be stingy)  and some highlighter above it to get that perfect vampire skin. Your final product should look something like this:

Now, you may be asking yourself “What the heck do glitter lips have to do with vampires?”–That,my friend, I cannot answer-What I can tell you is that 1.  I love glitter like nobody’s business 2.  I happened to have a can of Martha Stewart pink glitter sitting on my table taunting me and 3. I had to add some kid of pizazz to this look and the words “it might be too much” have rarely graced these lips.